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In the curriculum plan, the student’s start with general orientation and then to Basic Science for Nursing which includes Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Growth & Development. After which they go through fundamentals of Nursing, Pharmacology, Gerontology and Medical-Surgical I. These courses have both laboratory and clinical components. The next level takes the students through Medical-Surgical Nursing II and III, Mental Health Nursing and finally Maternal and Child Nursing. The courses are sequenced to ensure that lower-level courses provide the students with the requisite knowledge and skills to advance to and excel in the next higher-level courses.


COURSES Total Hours  Total Days
Orientation & Introduction of Nursing 30 5
Anatomy & Physiology 90 15
Growth & Development 60 10
Med Administration /Pharmacology 90 15
Fundamentals of Nursing 210 35

* All courses listed above must be taken sequentially.


COURSE Total Hours  Total Days
Medical Surgical I 300 50
Medical Surgical II 300 50
Mental & Behavioral Health  90 15
Gerontology Nursing 90 15
Maternity Newborn 90 15
Pediatrics 90 15
NCLEX Review 84 14

Grand Total Total Hours Total Days
Total 1524hrs 254days

* All courses must be completed before taking the NCLEX review or exam.
* Time above does not include 30 minutes lunch and two 15 minutes breaks.


Main Campus:
6066 Leesburg Pike, suite 450 Falls Church, Virginia 22041

Phone: (703) 560-7701
Fax: (703) 746- 8773