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Admission to Star Institute, requires that each applicant:

ü  Be at least 18 years of age on or before starting their first day of class;old

ü  Complete an admission application and pay the non-refundable application fee;

ü  Provide evidence that they have earned a hign school diploma, a GED, or other high school equivalent. If the applicant completed high school outside of the United States, he or she must submit a copy of the high school diploma and, if applicable, an acceptable English translation of the diploma.

The high school diploma or GED requirement may be wavied if the applicant provides a copy of an offical transcript showing completion of a minimum of one academic year of postscondary level studies. An offical transcript from a college or university outside the United States must be accompanied by a written evaluation by a agency acceptable to Star Institute advising that the studies are equivalent to at least a year of postsecondary study at a U.S. institution.

If applicant is a graduate of a high school in a country where, because of major natural disaster, war, or a hostile or unstable political government, offical records are not available, the applicant will be allowed to sign a attestation of high school completion

ü  Pass a criminal history background check, conducted by an agency or company selected by Star Institute;

ü  Take and pass a Wonderlic or other entrance exam with an equivalent score of 60% or higher; and,

ü  Complete and sign an enrollment agreement


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